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“In considering my final project, this speaker’s presentation had the greatest influence on my thinking about how I would make expanded learning time relevant to a general audience.” < — This quote from one of my students is a really dramatic example of how directly and profoundly your presentation contributed to the students’ learning in this course.  I wanted you to see the kind of impact you had, Keith — and to take this opportunity to thank you again for sharing your wisdom and insight with us.”

Joe Blatt
Senior Lecturer in Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

“I have a better understanding of how to work with the negative and other types of employees.  It was so practical and a great session. The helpful hints as to how to communicate with different personality types was particularly helpful.  The exercises he shared with us (the puzzle and the role-play using “but” and “and”) were creative and fun, but also really made his point come alive.”

Participant in the “Communicating Decisions” workshop

Virginia Tech employee – Communications

“Keith is a gifted communicator and counselor who integrates the disciplines of marketing, advertising and public relations to position his clients for success. Whether he’s training front-line managers or leading a creative concept team, he is motivating and on message–with a creative twist that is certain to cut through cluttered communications channels.”

Janet Swiecichowski, APR, Executive Director, Communications
Minnetonka Public Schools

“By happenstance we had a media issue to handle back in my district just after the morning workshop. I enthusiastically communicated several of the principles we had just learned. Both workshops were excellent and informative!”

Dr. Solomon Lausch, Superintendent
Schuylkill Valley School District

“Keith has a very affable and engaging personality that enables him to get his point across. Additionally, his experience in a school district and at the state level, make his presentation more relevant.”

Dr. Nancy Allmon
Executive Director
Berks County Intermediate Unit

“I have been speaking in public for several years now.  Mr. Pierce’s workshop gave me phenomenal tools that I needed to increase the impact that my speaking engagements will have on others.  I could have listened to him for hours….and I do not sit still well at all”

Jill Cassidy
Highlands School District
Statewide PTA Conference

“What a wonderful job! … Your public relations/communications talk surpassed our expectations.  I’m so impressed with you and the innovative work of your team. We’re looking forward to your continued support for our upcoming work with the City of Philadelphia. Thank you!”

Dr. Peter D. Rumm, MD, MPH, FACPM
Deputy Director, Division of General, Restorative & Neurological Devices
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

“Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation to Millersville University’s ‘Community Relations’ class. Your presentation on the development of positive press and community relations, your expert commentary on communications and your very helpful tips on the nuts and bolts of communications and press relations really demonstrated the process. The 614 students, currently teachers and guidance counselors, are all preparing to become principals. They were very impressed with your knowledge, experience and willingness to answer questions.”

Cheryl Desmond, Ph.D.
Professor – Educational Foundations
Millersville University

“Your presentation to the Pennsylvania Education Policy Fellowship Program added value to the overall experience that the Fellows will have this year as they explore the challenges and complexities of the policy issues in education. As we continue to build a network of professional and lay leaders who can influence public policy in Pennsylvania in regard to education and children’s issues, we hope to be able to call on you again. Thank you for your inspirational contribution.”

Sharon L. Brumbaugh
Manager of Leadership Programs
The Education Policy Fellowship Program

“Since I’m stepping into a Director of Communications position at the district level in a couple of weeks, your presentation was INVALUABLE and INSPIRING!  Thank You!!”

Dianne Pavia
California School Public Relations Association

“The timing and relevance could not have been more perfect. I’ve attended many PR workshops and today by far was one of the most worthwhile. I’m able to take back concrete, useable information that can be incorporated into my own PR duties and responsibilities. Thanks so much!”


Kim Floyd
Public Information Specialist, Palmer, Alaska

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