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Successful Public Speaking and  Presenting in a TED-Talk World

From body language to word choice, you are the message, yet public speaking is still the world’s most dominant phobia. Even in small group settings, the art of communication is lost when we fail to recognize nonverbal communication cues, or fail to appreciate culture, gender, and communication style differences.This interactive workshop will challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones and up to the podium to capture the attention, respect and praise of their audience. Whether in one-on-one interactions, small group meetings, Skype, telephone, or large presentations; participants will learn how to strengthen their speaking, listening, and written communication skills and maximize their interpersonal communication style to successfully connect with any individual or audience – large or small.

Full or half day abridged version




How to Improve Communication and Earn the Respect of the Millennial Generation 

By the year 2020 millennials will be 50 percent of the workforce. The millennial generation is increasingly stepping into leadership roles as older employees retire from both corporate and nonprofit organizations. Loosely defined as those born between 1982 and 1994, millennials have charted their own course, with little concern about how things used to be. From their everyday use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies, to their entrepreneurial prowess, it’s not how you communicate ‘to’ millennials, but how you communicate ‘with’ millennials that will help organizations leverage the power of the millennial generation. Discover how to maximize the 24/7 millennial communication cycle, the best mediums to reach and influence millennials and the purpose that drives their social passion.

Half day or broken into two lunch and learn sessions or four coffee and conversation sessions*





Building a News & Social Media Strategy to Win Public Trust

We live in a high-tech communications world where public trust – whether individual or corporate – is driven by two powerful forces – social media and the news media. Now more than ever, today’s headline news offers clear evidence that organizations need help separating real news from fake news and understanding how to leverage the power of social media.  As both begin to drive your public’s agenda, the need to manage relationships with news organizations, editors and reporters, becomes crucial to maintaining positive public perception. This interactive workshop provides practical ways to establish effective social media tactics, as well as strategies for understanding reporters, media organizations and their agenda.  Participants will leave with valuable tools for winning public trust and tips for becoming effective news media spokespersons and savvy social media whizzes.

 Half day or abridged lunch & learn session*




Improving Personal and Professional Presence

From making a great first impression, to presenting yourself with persuasive confidence, physical and emotional presence is vital to establishing a positive rapport and building trust.  Success comes from making a memorable and influential impact during personal and business interactions.  Developing a greater understanding of the cultural, behavioral, and communications style differences in others will enhance all of life’s interactions, strengthen communication skills, and unleash true leadership potential.  This interactive workshop focuses on how to approach every situation with a positive and professional image that projects poise in both appearance and attitude. Participants will explore strategies for refining personal appearance, while acquiring tools for maintaining professional dignity and managing conflict with a greater flexibility, resolve, and positivity.

Full day, half day or broken into three lunch and learn sessions or six coffee and conversation sessions*




Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are one in the same

Sometimes the hardest thing isn’t making the decision, but communicating it with clarity. Leaders and mangers must face the facts—you cannot separate leadership from decision making. The importance of communicating decisions clearly, no matter how big or small, cannot be overstated. Strong leadership requires solid relationships built on trust. Trust can only be derived from mutual respect and open communication. To earn and maintain trust while communicating difficult decisions, leaders and managers must master the basic communications rules of leadership: to say what you mean, mean what you say and listen more than you speak! This interactive workshop provides strategies to help you communicate decisions with clear, consistent and user-friendly messaging that earns respect and buy-in.

Half day or broken into two lunch and learn sessions or four coffee and conversation sessions*




Unleashing the Communications Power of Your “Front-Line”

Does the first person your clients or customers see when they walk through your doors share your passion or understand the mission of your business?  Can the person who answers your phone articulate your vision and values?  Two thirds of all conflicts and workplace errors are caused by miscommunication, regardless of the size of the organization.  Too often however, only top level managers have the passion or the ability to manage damage control or even  articulate the values and goals of an organization.  This session is designed to turn all employees into team players and effective brand ambassadors.  Ideal for “front-line” staff, this “fun” (yes, fun) session offers valuable training in both listening and communicating as well as a lesson in teamwork and collaboration.  From oral communication to email etiquette, your staff will learn to apply user-friendly communication strategies that help to diminish miscommunication, boost teamwork and productivity, cultivate cohesiveness, promote public understanding and enhance the image of your organization.  A MUST for service organizations.

Full day, half day or broken into two lunch and learn sessions or four coffee and conversation sessions*



Turning Tragedy to Triumph Before, During and After a Crisis

At the end of the day, it’s not the crisis, but the preparation and the response that determines if your reputation remains intact. Having the right elements at your fingertips such as; an internal and external crisis communications plan, key media relationships and a strategy for mobilizing crisis intervention teams, holds the difference between success and failure. Communications is key when managing the media, the staff and the emotional anxiety associated with disaster or loss. From assessing risk, to graceful recovery, discover practical ways to manage the critical need to communicate effectively while staying calm before, during and after a crisis.

– Full day, half day or broken into two lunch and learn sessions


interviewTV or NOT TV

Look and Sound Your Best for a TV Interview or Video Presentation

It’s a known fact that people look more than they listen. For better or worse, how you dress does communicate, though dressing for television is not easy. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, bad hair can kill, and poor color choices can ruin your appearance.  And though the camera is off, it’s not over until the editor sings!  Given the power of the edit suite, what you say and how you respond to the tough questions can and will either enhance or hinder your ability to succeed.  Covering everything from stage fright to sound bites, complete with camera and monitor, learn how to look and sound great while becoming more comfortable and persuasive on television.

Half day




  • Triple M’s – Monday Morning Motivation 

    30-minute to 1-hour turbo sessions ideal for the start of a work week

  • C&C – Coffee & Conversation

    30-minute to 1-hour turbo sessions ideal for the start of a work day

  • L&L – Lunch & Learn 

    60-90 minute sessions perfect for team professional development

  • Full or half-day 

    – professional development workshops

  • Motivational keynotes


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